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Welcome to my Himalaya site

My name is Mogens Larsen, and I made this site to give you a glimpse of this beautiful place - The Himalayas.

Hope you will enjoy surfing the site, and you are most welcome to make a comment in my guestbook.

When I made the first version of this site some years ago, it was mainly to show you my photos from the Himalayas.
Now I’ve added more information to the site, but I still think that the photo-section is a “must see”, because it shows you the beauty of this interesting region.
So far I’ve made 4 visits to the Himalayas (2 times to India and 2 times to Nepal), and all the photos are taken by myself.


As you may guess I can highly recommend visiting the Himalayas. My best journeys so far have been trekking the Himalaya mountains.
Notice that trekking is not the same as climbing. No matter your age or physical condition you can do a trek. Trekking in the mountain foothills is nice and easy, but if you want to “test” yourself a little you can go on a high altitude trek. Just choose the kind of trek that’s best for you. Learn more at the trekking section of this site.

Map + Info

If you are doing a project on the Himalayas or just want to know more about this part of the world, you’ll find a lot of basic information in the Map + Info section.


There are actually loads of books about the Himalayas on the market.
I’ve made a collection of references to books about the Himalayas in the Books section. Both travel guides and books with beautiful photos.

Map + Info Books
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